ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) newly-appointed senior vice president Air vice Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi has vowed to make the players physically, mentally and financially strong to get the best results.

In an interview with The Nation, Shahid said he had taken charge with an aim of taking Pakistan squash to new heights. “I don’t believe in words, as actions speak louder than words. When I was told a few months back about assuming the PSF charge as senior vice president, I started working on the reasons behind decline of Pakistan squash. I gathered complete details, met with PSF chief and secretaries of the provincial associations and soon I will invite them as well as sports journalists to prepare the best plans which may help in regaining lost squash glory.”

He said: “I have witnessed senior and junior players during the training camp, who have ability, guts and skills to excel at the top, but they need mental and physical fitness. They need to maintain their fitness levels even at home. They must understand that the PSF is investing heavily on them so in return, it’s their responsibility to give out their best and earn laurels for the country globally.”

“The role of PSF is to provide the best training under top coaches, and we will surely provide them world’s best coaches. It is not the players’ duty to practice hard and raise their fitness level. They need to enhance their fitness levels from three to at least 6 to 7 games. I am paying visit to the camp on daily basis and watching them training. All the players will also be given the world’s best diet, nutrition and soon they will be offered central contracts, which will enable them just focus on their games,” he added.

Shahzad said he had identified the reasons behind Pakistan’s decline and discuss this in detail with associations and former greats. “I am sure with Qamar Zaman, Jahangr, Jansher and others and with the active help of associations, we will soon chalk out a comprehensive plan and the players will respond to that plan and succeed in getting descried desired results.”

He also clarified that there would be no compromise on discipline and no violation of rules would be tolerated. “The players should just focus on their games as merit holds the key. I can assure all that there will be no compromise on principles.”

When asked about players, who turned their backs on the country due to one or another reasons, Shahid said: “Our doors are open for all and we will not only welcome them but also provide them with top class training and facilities and arrange the best jobs for them. I know the players want peace of mind and it can only be made possible by making them financially strong and we will surely succeeded in achieving this tasks as well. There are no set conditions, the players should come first to us as they will find me always available, so they should feel comfortable to contact me.”

About the PSA ban on Pakistan, Shahid said he was quite sure the ban would be lifted very soon and the country would start hosting international squash events at home soil.

“For the time, my focus is to provide the players top class scientific training, while we will also start working on fresh pool of players. It is the associations’ duty to hunt fresh faces and recommend them to the Pakistan National Squash Academy. We will not only impart training to them but also impart them education, and once get registered, the youngsters can train at Peshawar, Lahore or Karachi and I will also soon visit Quetta to check potential there,” Shahid concluded.