During the hearing of Orange Line Metro Train Case, Supreme Court judge Justice Saeed Azmat Sheikh remarked that anyone who does not like mass transit transport system should go back to village.

“No city is complete without rapid transit system,” he remarked.

The case is being heard by a five-member larger bench of top court, headed by Justice Ijaz Afzal.

Justice Sheikh, however, clearly stated that historic buildings must not be affected by this project.

“If government wants to build this system, they should, but without damaging our heritage and we will not allow any harm to the old church on the route,” he ordered.

Following this, NESPAK lawyer Shahid Hamid said old buildings especially Mughal era ones are very strong and will not be damaged by this project.

“Mughal era buildings are not like constructions of Punjab government,” replied Justice Sheikh.

Furthermore, NESPAK advocate told the court that all analytics regarding construction including air pollution aspect were done by the institute.

“Underground constructions of this project will not harm any old buildings which are near route of Orange Metro Train,” he told the court.