PESHAWAR - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman on Sunday said that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and violence. Ulema from all schools of thought have declared any kind of armed struggle within Pakistan as un-Islamic, he said.

He was talking to media persons at Aza Khel, Nowshera in connection with the preparations for centennial celebrations of the party and the largest-ever religious-political congregation of JUI-F to be held from April 7 to 9.

He stressed the need for friendly relations with all neighbours and an independent foreign policy for the country, which should be based on friendship rather than slavery.

Fazl said ulema have already distanced themselves from militancy, terrorism and any kind of armed struggle within the country.

He said that JUI-F congregation of 25,000 ulema had already dismissed the notion that declared parliament, constitution, judiciary and democracy un-Islamic,” he said.

He asked journalists to highlight the issues of Muslim Ummah and give maximum coverage to JUI-F congregation to portray peaceful image of Islam and religious political parties.

He said that due to better policies of the party even the Communist Party of China has termed JUI-F a friend party. The day is not far when JUI-F will prove the world that Islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood, Fazl said.

Demanding the reformulation of foreign policy, he said the country has been in isolation even after 70 years of independence given its important geo-strategic location.

He said that the country needs to have friends not international masters and it was the need of the time to have good relations with international power on the basis of equality and friendship.

He said that next 10 to 15 years are very crucial for the country as some countries do not want to see Pakistan politically and economically a stable state.

He added that China is our long time partner and it is after 70 years that we are reaping the fruits of this friendship.

the JUI-F chief urged Pakistan leadership to make relations with other countries on the basis of friendship and equality rather to become slaves of others.

He said that JUI-F will be the binding force for all the Muslims Ummah and it is a joint effort to make it united.

He said that some elements are blaming religious seminaries in their propaganda but nobody can prove the involvement of religious seminaries in terrorism.

Fazl said that these seminaries are the symbol of peace and centre of education which bring a beacon of light for the whole world.