LAHORE - Amid all the government claims of controlling massive outages, electricity load shedding continues hitting hard the people with average 12-hour duration across the country.

The gap between demand and supply is increasing day by day due to low hydel generation and shortage of fuel for government owned and private power plants.

The power distribution companies (Discos) including the Lahore Electric Supply Company are facing 50 per cent shortfall in demand and supply and forced to conduct average 12-hour shutdown in its limits. However, the Discos supply maximum electricity to urban localities especially the big cities to avoid the media criticism and are shifting major burden towards the rural areas.

An official of the power sector said the areas of southern Punjab, interior Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan were virtually without electricity as there was average 16 to 18 hours load shedding in a day.

The Lesco is facing around 1,500MW shortfall and conducting eight hours load shedding it its urban limits including Lahore while there is 14-hour electricity shutdown in its rural area.

The company needed around 4,000MW to meet its demand but it is receiving less than a half from the national grid. Even there is 10-hour load shedding with consecutive cut of two to three hours in some areas of the City.

Meanwhile, the electricity demand is standing at 17,000MW against the production of around 11,000MW from hydel and thermal power plants. Around 1,000MW from the energy basked is fixed for VVIP feeders and strategically important location and the rest is being divided among 10 power distribution of the companies.