Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) is no longer eligible for the allotment of symbol for next year’s general elections.

The ECP said that since PTI failed to hold intraparty elections, they will not be allowed to allow a symbol for balloting.

According to ECP March 23, 2017 was the deadline for PTI to hold intraparty elections. PTI had its last intraparty elections in on 23 March, 2013.

“Now PTI is not eligible for allotment of the election symbol ‘bat’ in any next election, as provided by Section 14 of PPO 2002. This would remain so till holding of fresh intraparty elections,” ECP officials added.

PTI spokesperson Naeem-ul-Haq said the party has not received any notice from the ECP in this regard. “We are going to hold intraparty elections in the 3rd week of April,” he said.

In January, the ECP had ordered all parties to hold intraparty elections at central, provincial and local levels. In case any party did not comply with the order, they would not be allowed to contest elections and the symbol will be allotted to any other party.