KASUR-Dwellers of Union Council (UC)-1 Kasur City regretted over the failure of the authorities concerned to get them rid of heaps of garbage and poor sanitation which have made their lives miserable.

The report of a survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that accumulation of sewage and heaps of garbage can be witnessed at every nook and cranny of the UC. These waste dumps and accumulation of dirty water portray the UC as a landfill.

According to residents of the area, life of every dweller of the UC has become miserable in result of poor sanitation and piles of stinky trash as they have no other choice but to pass through the dirty streets. They said that the sewerage system in the UC is in worst condition as it lacks the capacity to drain the rainwater. "Whenever, rain showers the area, it results into huge accumulation of water in the streets," they said, adding the water then seeps into shops and houses and catches people in another trouble. Moreover, the dirt also given rise to mosquitoes mushrooming in the area.

They also regretted over indifference of the sanitary workers to their duty, saying they have never been witnessed in the area. "The sanitary workers clean only those streets whose residents pay them money on monthly basis besides their govt-fixed salary," they alleged. They said that they submitted numerous applications to the authorities concerned regarding indifference of the sanitary workers to their duty but the applications were never responded.

Residents of the UC-1 demanded Deputy Commissioner Ammara Khan and TMC chairman Ayaz Ahmed Khan to look into the matter and order the officials concerned to ensure cleanliness of the area and rehabilitation of the sewerage system. They also demanded to take stern action against the sanitary workers whose negligence has given rise to trash piles in the area.