METRO-CALIFORNIA-The next time you decide to show-off your ice-cream on Instagram just remember this could happen.

One Twitter user had her chocolate cone snatched by a seagull after she took a picture of it in Santa Barbara, California.

And luckily for us, she caught a picture at the exact moment her 20-year-old heart was broken.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘If u wanna have a nice laugh u can laugh at my life …… I give up on the aesthetic life bc [because] my ICE CREAM JUST GOT SWOOPED BY A SEAGULL AND FELL INTO THE OCEAN GOODBYE SPRING BREAK CANCELLED MY LIFE IS A MEME.’

But she received little sympathy from her Twitter followers.

One of them wrote: ‘This what happens when y’all take pics of your food rather than just eat it.’

Another added: ‘Lmao that’s what happens when you blatantly hold out food around animals. Bruh don’t act like this thing flew in from heaven.’

We assume she will be keeping a closer eye on her ice-cream cone the next time she visits the seaside at Stearn’s Wharf!