KARACHI -  The Sindh Assembly witnessed a heavy legislative agenda during the four-day session last week, as it debated and passed seven laws.

The House also formed two committees to review the health policy and revise the salaries of lawmakers.

Among important parliamentary figures, the chief minister, the speaker and the leader of the opposition attended all the sittings. The deputy speaker remained absent throughout the session.

The parliamentary leaders of MQM and PTI attended all four sittings, while the leader of PML-N was absent throughout the session. The long delays in commencement of Assembly sittings continued during this session as well. On average, each sitting started 55 minutes behind its scheduled time.

The session also witnessed referral of one resolution to the standing committee and presentation of a report. Meanwhile, the lawmakers asked 26 questions and submitted 10 Call Attention Notices (CANs) during the reporting session. The treasury kept ignoring lawmakers’ Private Motions (PM) on the matters of public importance.

More than 80% PMs remained unaddressed. Two resolutions were rejected by the House while as many were withdrawn by relevant members. At least 23 motions to amend the Rules of Procedure as well as six Starred Questions were not taken up for verbal answers by the government.

The opposition lawmakers staged a protest and a walkout during the reporting session. They protested and walked out against the speaker for rejecting private members’ resolutions.