KARACHI -  Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair has said that no society can progress without education.

He said that progress in the education sector would lead to development of the country. The government has taken some solid steps for the promotion of education in the country that include establishment of new schools and renovation of old ones, the governor said at the annual dinner at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). On the occasion, the governor also shared his memories of student life and said that teachers had a vital role to play at this stage. He said that it were the teachers who would build personality of their students.

He said that nation’s progress lied in education, especially higher education. “Education and research can lead us to success,” he said, adding that IBA had maintained its education standard therefore it was considered a symbol of quality in the education sector. He said that several IBA graduates were working at key posts in the country and making their institution proud. He said there was no doubt that graduates of the institute were working to improve education facilities at the institution.

He said that more steps were needed to provide facilities to new entrants.