According to The Sun, WWE fans were left in floods of tears after The Undertaker signalled his retirement from wrestling.

The Phenom was involved in a brutal final match that saw Roman Reigns leave his Wrestlemania record end at 23-2.

The Undertaker took off his gloves and placed them in the centre of the ring

The Undertaker was hit with multiple Superman Punches, Speared through a table and was pinned to the disappointment of the crowd.

After taking a while to get up, the camera panned around the stadium as the fans applauded their hero.

Taker then appeared in his classic long coat and hat and began to wander around the ring in darkness.

He then took off his hat, coat and MMA-style gloves and placed them in the middle of the ring – a sign that he has ended his in-ring career.

The Undertaker left his ring gear in the ring showing he has retired