The continuance of harassing Husain Haqqani in the Memogate affair, which Bilawal Bhutto Zardari recently described as ‘a fake case,’ does little to advance the cause of justice. It does, however, make Pakistan a target of derision abroad. 

International law expressly forbids extradition in political cases and our honourable judges should know that. Similarly, it should be understood that Interpol’s charter does not allow it to act in matters such as Memogate, which relate to alleged treason or sedition. Because mostly such cases in the third world are politically motivated. 

Interpol has refused to issue warrants for Altaf Hussain, General Pervez Musharraf, and Brahumdagh Bugti on similar grounds. 

Already the Pakistan government has made a fool of itself abroad many times by accusing the former ambassador of being a traitor without any evidence or trial Knowing altogether facts, the former Pakistan Ambassador being besieged during last six years. Such exercise seemed futile against in the past against Pakistani top diplomat, whole also renowned as a world scholar. 

The exercise seems a very obvious wastage of time and resources and Pakistan will be best advised to avoid such adventures. 


Sialkot, March 19.