The Punjab Provincial Development Working Party approved ‘Punjab Rozgar Scheme’ with an estimated cost of Rs. 9500.00 million at P&D Complex, Lahore.

The Punjab Government has allocated the above budget to Punjab Small Industry Cooperation to chalk out employment opportunities for youth.

The vision of the program is to reduce unemployment and drive economic stability by facilitating new micro and small entrepreneurs /startups and existing businesses in Punjab in terms of financial support during the current economic loss due to COVID-19.

In response to existing financial instability triggered by the COVID-19, the current emphasis of the Punjab Government is to enable young entrepreneurs to establish and flourish their businesses in the backdrop of soaring un-employment and financial challenges.

The Punjab Government considers it a paramount duty to steer the educated youth of the province in the right direction. The primary agenda of the aforesaid is to deal with ongoing crisis and to create opportunities for youth that can lead them towards employment generation and economic development of the province.

Punjab Small Industry Cooperation has been directed to sign an agreement with Bank of Punjab for smooth execution of the scheme.

In the scheme the targeted population group includes the university & TEVTA graduates with technical / vocational training, artisans and existing businesses. Chairman P&D Board Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh chaired PDWP meeting.

During the session, he gave his valuable remarks about ‘Punjab Rozgar Scheme’ and called it an encouraging initiative of Government of Punjab that would promote new micro and small prospective entrepreneurs and existing businesses through financial support.

Moreover, Secretary P&D Board, all Members of the P&D Board, Provincial Secretaries of concerned departments, Senior Chief (Coord) Javed Latif and other senior representatives of the relevant Provincial Departments also attended the meeting.