ISLAMABAD          -               Most people have begun wearing gloves, masks and carrying hand sanitizer gels to avoid catching covid-19, however pet owners should be taking extra precautions, reveal two leading UK veterinarians. Dr. Jessica May of FirstVet and Caroline Reay of BlueCross shared their advice for caring for four-legged friends throughout the ongoing pandemic.

The animal experts revealed it’s possible for viruses to be transmitted from fur to humans, and warned owners to wash their cats and dogs ‘more frequently’ after taking them out, and clip their nails regularly. They also advised to practice ‘social distancing’ with pets, discouraging people from touching them as their fur can transmit the virus, which survives on softer surfaces for short periods. NHS GP Dr. Dawn Harper added: ‘We are still learning about this virus but we think that it can survive outside the human body on hard surfaces, like metal, for up to three days and on soft surfaces such as clothing for shorter periods.  ‘To that end, it is theoretically possible that if someone with the virus coughed over your pet, you then stroked it and then touched your mouth, nose or eyes, that you could contract the virus.’