DISTRUST still lingers among a majority of Muslim nations over US foreign policy and rabid anti-Americanism persists despite recent overtures by President Barack Obama, a new survey has indicated, reports The Times of India. Obamamania, may be sweeping the rest of the world, but it is not touching the bulk of the Muslim nations, a survey by Washington-based Pew Foundation of 24 countries and the Palestinian region has revealed. Large numbers continue to consider the US an enemy, including big majorities in Pakistan (64 per cent) and the Palestinian territories (77 per cent), the report said. In predominantly Muslim nations, widespread concerns about American policy and American power linger, and while Obama is certainly viewed more favourably than his predecessor, his popularity has translated into only modest improvements in Americas overall image, and in some cases, no change at all, the Pew Foundation said in its report. Fewer than 30pc of those surveyed express a favourable view of the US, all of which are overwhelmingly Muslim: Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories and Turkey. Many Muslims saw hidden motives in President George Bushs war on terror, such as protecting Israel, controlling Middle Eastern oil, and targeting unfriendly Muslim nations. Obamas ratings in Western Europe which include France and Germany are very high. There has been a surge in ratings in Latin America, Africa, and much of Asia.