The heart cries at this catastrophe of unprecedented severity that has befallen Pakistan. We were already stricken with the twin blights of horrific corruption and killing inflation that had dissolved the national spirit completely. No surprise, then, that we heard the most disgusting statements from politicians of Pakhtoonkhwah and Sindh during this crisis who have not let go the opportunity to politicize even the unprecedented floods that have devastated the poor. One minister of Pakhtoonkhwah has called it the nahoosat of Kalabagh dam while the top officials of Sindh have even accused Punjab of causing the nahoosat of floods. There could be no sadder moment for the rulers. But, then, they have taken even statements of Cameron and Karzai with out so much as a murmur, so what would you expect? If you ask me the nahoosat is entrenched in Islamabad, in the hearts, souls and minds of our rulers and would keep haunting this country until they are removed. -SHAHBANO.Z.ALAM, Scotland, August 2.