British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke most insultingly against Pakistan in India, accusing us of exporting terrorism. That he has done so in India, a country we regard as our enemy number one, hurts the most. The MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has done a courageous thing by criticising the British PM while sitting in London. He has also given the right advice to President Asif Zardari to review his decision to visit UK in view of the injured sentiments of our public. The MQM Chief said that Pakistan has been defamed on international level without any reason. Mr Camerons remarks regarding Pakistans role in war against terrorism are sad because Pakistani security forces and civilians have given a lot of sacrifices in the war on terror and yet the role of our nation is being questioned Altaf Hussain has been reported to have said. It is sad that despite all this, Baber Awan has declared that come what may, Zardari would surely go. Yes sure, Zardari must go. All his illegal assets, including Surrey Palace and the costly flats in London and accounts worth billions of Pounds that were illegally made by Bhuttos & Zardari are all in the UK. That is where his family lives. He would protect these assets even at the cost of Pakistans defamation. The only question, to my mind, now is that why is our cricket team still playing matches with the English in England? They must be called back in protest if David Cameron does not apologise publicly. -CHAND BABU, Lahore, August 1.