LAHORE - Senior Central leader of PML-Q Ch Pervaiz Elahi has appealed to businessmen, affluent individuals and party leaders and workers to step forward to assist flood-hit people in Punjab. He expressed these views while addressing delegations of traders and businessmen belonging to Gujrat on Monday. Ch Pervaiz claimed that self-proclaimed 'Khadim-e-Ala Punjab has done nothing for the disaster-hit people and only pose for the press. He further alleged that chief minister Punjab has delivered the biggest blow to the traders by imposing the 8:00 pm business closure decree. PML-Q leader accused the current provincial ruling clique had no desire to alleviate the sufferings of the masses and its only interest was in serving selfish designs by deceiving the public. Pointing out the phenomenal increase in prices of sugar, oil, electricity and other daily essentials, he claimed that it was a clear proof that the ruling coalitions criminal indifference to the common mans sorry state of affairs. Ch Pervaiz said the common man could now see a vivid difference between Punjab conditions during his tenure and the present PML-N rule. Former chief minister Punjab said instead of restricting to routine statements and useless aerial visit of flood affected areas, he as a chief minister of Punjab used to undertake all out efforts to help the distressed and be with them in their time of need. He further said during his government trade and business flourished as they were neither any new taxes imposed on them and nor were they forced to close down their business at 8:00 pm.