Every Pakistani believes in that old nugget of wisdom that Pakistan is run by three AsAllah, America and Army. This is true but I believe Pakistan is run by three Cs also and they are Cheats, Comedians and Criminals. A number of cheats sitting in our Parliament are 'proclaimed fake degrees holders. The comedians that I have referred to include people like the CM Sindh who recently told flood-affected people to enjoy life for two weeks that they are out of their homes. This is a great piece of advice by the visionary CM. Another comedian from the PPP is Senator Faisal Raza Abidi. For the last six months he has been telling us that killers of Benazir Bhutto shall be arrested and presented handcuffed on TVwithin six months. Yet another one of our comedians is Raja PA and if you need to laugh really hard, there is always Dr Babar Awanthe 'doctor without an MBBS or PhD. The rest of comedy team includes Tasneem Noorani, Imtiaz Warraich, Qammar Zaman Kaira, Fauzia Wahab and many others. Have I missed someone? Ooops, Altaf Bhai cannot be missed. Look at his comic timing that he is advising Zardari not to visit Britain as a protest against statement of the British PM and does so sitting in England. He also constantly tells Pakistanis to reach all flood-affected areas to help people and does so ensconced in Britain. The fact that criminals, the third of the three Cs that I have mentioned, run this country is most obvious of all. Most people agree that 99 percent of those sitting in the Parliament have committed crimes ranging from murder, kidnapping, rape, loan-default, land-grabbing, tax evasion to you-name-it-and-they-have-done-it. -RASUL ALLAHBUX CHANDIO, Garhi Khuda Bux, August 2.