A R Jerral A number of events have taken place in the past few days which portend danger on the political landscape of Pakistan. Some of these got some attention, while others went by unnoticed. First, WikiLeaks, an obscure website, leaks 92,000 alleged secret documents on the US war in Afghanistan, some of which accuse Pakistan and ISI of providing assistance and help to the Taliban in Afghanistan whom the US and its allies call terrorists. These so-called secret documents accuse Pakistan, its military and ISI of double-cross. Second, British Prime Minister David Cameron while in India makes a statement that Pakistan should not promote export of terror. Then he defends his statement by saying that he has a duty to tell the truth, as reported by BBC. Third, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman US Joint Chiefs of Staffs makes a comment while talking to the Indian media that if a Mumbai style terror attack is mounted in India, it would have serious consequences for Pakistan. Four, a doubtful opinion poll organisation, Pure Research, launches an opinion poll result that depict more than 76 percent of the people of Punjab as anti-America. This poll lists 52 percent PML-N as anti-America and describes majority of the Punjab leadership also as antagonist. Fifth, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in a statement that allies fighting extremism should take action against the terrorists operating from sanctuaries in Pakistan. All these events appear isolated from each other; but are they? In all these episodes Pakistan is maligned of helping Taliban in Afghanistan and accused of exporting terrorism. Most of our leaders have adopted a meek response. Lt Gen Hamid Gul, former ISI Chief, has openly said that all these events are links of the thought process where Pakistan is deliberately targeted for tactical and strategic reasons. He also has said that all these events have the blessings of our most trusted ally in the war against terror - the US. WikiLeaks expos of secret documents related to the US military operations looks like a deliberate effort. The military certainly does not leave its operational reports and analyses for everyone to read and handle. There are proper regulations for the safe custody of such documents and the penalties for breach of such rules are severe. Though there are reports of inquiries, one fails to comprehend as how a huge volume of 92,000 documents can be exposed; there is more to this expos than meets the eye. Then the follow up discussions ignore the atrocities committed by the NATO troops against the civilians in combat zone, while emphasis is on ISI and the help it provides to the Taliban. In other words, these leaked documents uphold the accusations the US leaders have been making from time to time. ISI has always been the prime suspect of double-cross by the Americans. In all their policy assumptions, the Pakistani intelligence agency has figured prominently as unreliable; who continues to assist the Al-Qaeda and Taliban in their fight against the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. This is exactly the accusation the British Prime Minister has made by saying that Pakistan should not promote export of terror. What he has implied is that ISIs help to the Taliban is in fact an export of terror. While Admiral Mullens remark on the Indian soil suggests that the Mumbai attack was a Pakistan planned affair and that this can happen again. It seems that the Admiral has forgotten all the praises that he has been showering Pakistans way for its cooperation in fighting against terror. Pakistan is already being accused of providing protection to Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Umar. The Afghan President in quick succession to these statements asks the US and NATO forces to launch military actions to eliminate terrorist sanctuaries located in Pakistan. Link these events and the picture become complete. Pure Research, the dubious organisation, takes a poll to find that majority population in Pakistan is anti-America. The Punjab province is singled out in this opinion poll to say that 76 percent Punjabis hate the US. Punjab is the province from where the bulk of Pakistans armed forces come. Thus, this poll signifies that bulk of Pakistans armed forces are anti-US, an assumption which figures in the US policy papers where Pakistan is depicted as having a prominent nationwide anti-American sentiment with a strong Islamist element in its armed forces. This poll strengthens the assumption. Along with these events disturbing news are originating from Balochistan. Pro-Pakistan elements in the province are subjected to target killing. Non-Baloch settlers are being harassed and as reported 100,000 settlers have been driven out of the province. We all know that the Indian spy agency, RAW, is actively involved in anti-state activities by aiding anti-state elements there. The Indian intelligence agency operates from its safe houses in Afghanistan; it is not possible that the US and NATO forces do not know about the activities RAW is indulging in. Facilitating secessionists movements in Balochistan is a policy option that the US has. Could the recent spate of anti-state actions be an indication of this option becoming operative? The fact that our ally does not help us by either providing us intelligence or by telling India to stop these activities proves that they are together in it. Seen in this light, these events appear to be links in the chain. These events brand Pakistan as a country whose military and prime intelligence agency train and assist terrorists, provide them sanctuaries and then export terror in neighbouring countries. If the US is failing in its war on terror in Afghanistan it is because Pakistan is helping them. Announcing these accusations in India is an effort to co-opt India into joint action against Pakistan. The effort launched has short- and long-term objectives. Immediate objective is to coerce Pakistan in expanding the anti-terror operations in areas hitherto not taken on by the Pakistan army - North Waziristan and Southern Punjab. This will enlarge the engagement of the army and thus will provide the US politico-military clout to meddle in the affairs of Pakistan. The long-term objective seems to be directed towards an exit strategy. The US has assessed that the war in Afghanistan is not going according to the plans. The failure in the Afghan venture has to have a plausible reason to satisfy the taxpayers at home. Someone has to take that blame. So Pakistan and ISI are the fit candidates to take that blame. They are unreliable, they promote and export terror, they provide safe havens to terrorist leaders, and the majority population is anti-America - all the ingredients an enemy has. Thus, punish Pakistan to show that the last push against terrorist havens has been launched, claim defeat of the Islamist terrorism and exit. Maybe it sounds too bleak and farfetched but is possible. It takes time but 'the case has to be built on these lines, hence the verbal and WikiLeaks blitz. Ever since Pakistan became involved in proxy US wars, we have suffered immensely. Pakistan has been subjected to drug menace, gun culture, sabotage and terrorist killings. These calamities are on the increase with every passing day. It is time that we should loudly say 'Enough and to tell our allies to fight their wars on their own. Pakistan needs to call an All Parties Conference to discuss this problem in its totality. The nation must take a united stand on terror - we must define what terror is and what a fight for ones rights is. What is happening in Afghanistan is not our war. Those who initiated it should terminate it as they see fit. While remaining engaged in an indefinite conflict Pakistan cannot pursue its goals of socio-economic progress. Pakistan must get out of this quagmire and our leaders must get us out of it. The writer is a freelance columnist.