The number of those devoured by the floods has risen to 1, 400, report said on Tuesday. Hundreds of acres of farmland has been submerged as River Indus flooded while 12 houses destroyed and 6 people went missing in landsliding in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Dozens of villages have been flooded due to the breakage of flood safety barriers at Taunsa Barrage and 950,000 cusec of flood water is moving towards lower Punjab and Sindh. Hundreds of houses have been completely destroyed in Laiyyah as well due to the flood water. The heavy flood of River Indus near the Taunsa division has claimed lives of 8 people so far, while dozens are still missing; where as the death toll in Battgram and Kohistan districts due to floods has increased to 125. As the flood water rushed in the surrounding areas of Taunsa, such as, Bakhri No Baramda, Basti Manjootha, Bait Ladha, Mir Kher Pati Wala, hundreds of houses were demolished and washed away.