WASHINGTON (Online/NNI) US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has disclosed that his country is undertaking a major build-up of forces in eastern Afghanistan, a stronghold of Haqqani Network, for a decisive push against the terrorists safe havens close to the borders of Pakistan. He also hinted that the operation could be carried out on both sides of the border. His comments came as he voiced concern over WikiLeaks reports that Pakistans military intelligence was maintaining links with Taliban and Al-Qaeda. We are increasing cooperation with the Pakistanis in terms of working on both sides of the border, in terms of trying to prevent people from crossing that border. We are increasing our forces in eastern Afghanistan that will help us do this, Gates told ABCs programme 'This Week. Some details of the interview were published in Mondays newspaper. He also claimed that a major headway in the war against the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda was in progress. Meanwhile, Major General John Campbell, commander of the Eastern Regional Command in Afghanistan, told Pentagon reporters through a video conference that the recent suicide bombing, involving a female against the US troops in eastern Afghanistan, indicated that the Haqqani Network had become desperate. Identifying the terror group as one of the most dangerous outfit, he said the Haqqani network was responsible for more than 90 per cent of civilian casualties in eastern Afghanistan. A couple of weeks ago, we had the very first female suicide bomber up in Kunar. And I think, over the course of the last nine years, theres been about 450, somewhere around there, suicide attacks in Afghanistan, he said. Thats the first by a female, which really shows the Haqqani network is getting a little bit desperate that theyve stooped down to use females as suicide bombers, really disgracing the Muslim culture here of doing that, Campbell noted. Mentioning that they are not reluctant to kill innocent women and children every single day, he said, Theyre, in cahoots with Mullah Omar and the Taliban, have gone out recently and publicly said attack the civilians, women and children that are working with the coalition forces and the Afghan national security forces, he said. He maintained that there had been some misconceptions about civilian casualties over the last couple of weeks. On any given day, 90 per cent - the average for the last six months - are caused by the insurgents, with many of those from the Haqqani Network, he said. So I think people all around the international community dont really understand the impact of how desperate the insurgents are, of attacking civilian casualties and have no qualms about killing, you know, innocent children, women and children, all throughout Afghanistan, he said.