LAHORE - The government of Pakistan does not have any evidence or documents for proving innocence of Pakistani national Dr Aafia Siddiqui in the American trial court so the government of Pakistan can not be directed to write a letter to the American government or the US court in favour of Dr Aafia. This was observed by Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry while disposing of a contempt of court petition filed by Baristter Iqbal Jafree against the ministry of foreign affairs for its failure to provide evidence to the American court for establishing innocence of Dr Aafia. The judge, however, observed the private persons like Baristter Jafree may write a letter to the American court for proving the innocence of Dr Aafia if they wanted to do so. Earlier, the secretary interior ministry appeared in the court to explain why he did not provide documents to the foreign ministry, which could be helpful in proving innocence of Dr Aafia in the US court. The secretary submitted the departments and institutions of Pakistan including police and agencies did not have documents or evidence which may be sent to the American court for establishing Aafias innocence. He said police investigators also could not find any clue to the popular claim that Dr Aafia was kidnapped in 2003 from Karachi along with her children. He stated the government was not writing letter to the American government or its trial court only because no proof was in hand to support the notion that Dr Aafia was innocent. In June 2010, the LHC had directed the foreign ministry to provide documents to the counsel of Dr Aafia in America so that it may be proved Aafia did not go to Afghanistan rather she was kidnapped from Karachi along with her children. Afterwards, the contempt of court petition was moved by Baristter Iqbal Jafree pleading that despite LHC orders the foreign ministry was not writing a letter to the American court. On July 28, the foreign ministry told the LHC that the interior ministry was providing documents to the foreign ministry, which it (foreign ministry) wanted to transmit to America in support of Dr Aafia as per order of the Lahore High Court on June 4. A report was also submitted in this regard on behalf of Sohail Khan, Director General (America) Foreign Ministry putting all blame on the interior ministry for failing to provide evidence to the foreign ministry. On Monday, statement of secretary interior ministry the judge disposed of the case with the observation that it was not the case of contempt of court because the concerned ministries and departments did not possess the needful evidence for the sending the same to America. About writing letter the judge held that the government could be forced to write letter due to absence of documents supporting innocence of Dr Aafia. However, Baristter Jafree pleaded that last month the court had ordered Sohail Khan to write an official letter to the trial judge at the United States district court of New York stating that Dr Aafia Siddiqui was illegally kidnapped from Karachi in 2003 along with her three innocent children. He contended that Sohail Khan had flouted LHCs orders under influence and pressure from some bounty-hunters on the payrolls of CIA and FBI and not written such a letter in spite of several reminders from him.