LAHORE The speakers at a seminar held at Hameed Nizami Hall here on Monday had consensus on the point that huge spending of public finance on parliamentarians and war on terror had caused uncertainty about business hence the real cause behind price-hike prevailing in the country. The upshot of their views expressed on the subject 'Current increase in the prices of CNG, Electricity and other essential commodities and its effects was that the rulers had not prioritised relief to the masses as they had no policy to control the inflation as well as the natural disaster. Central leader of PML (N) and MNA Mian Marghoob Ahmad said the government had adopted the policies of former government towards war on terror, which damaged the economy of the country as a result of which, the country was under immense pressure of foreign debts. He said inflation could increase 100 per cent more if the Value Added Tax (VAT) was imposed. He said PPP-led government was involved in corruption and they had no courage to face the masses. 'There was a strong need of check and balance in the system to minimize corruption he added. Mian Marghoob suggested that the government should hold in priority the policy of giving relief in essentials commodities to the masses as well as to ensure health and education facilities to them. He said government had dashed to the ground all hopes of the masses and due to bad governance, democracy was also being discredited by the people. President Pakistan Tehrik-e-Isnaaf Lahore Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed said 49 per cent population of the country was living below the line of poverty and about 40 per cent people were getting wages of only Rs 90 per day. He said more than 1,600 had committed suicide last year on account of poverty, inflation and unemployment in the face of huge spending on President house, prime minister house, the parliament and the Senate. He said that Rs one million, Rs 1.2 million, Rs four million and Rs two million were being spent daily respectively on the aforesaid. He said private schools were charging heavy fees and there was none to ask them. He further said the masses were spending 70 to 80 per cent of their earning on education and health while 60 percent government schools did not have sufficient staff, which showed government concern with the education. President Community Solidarity System Mohsin Bhatti alleged that the government was not serious in addressing problem of inflation and it had even 'ruined the Price Control Board and CM Task Force formed by former government to keep a check on high prices. He said the DCOs, who were responsible for controlling inflation at district level, were unable to do the needful due to wrong policies. He said the government had given the contracts of meat export to their blue-eyed who were minting immense money ignoring needs of the citizens while sons of some politicians were making huge money monopolising poultry items. He suggested the government to take action against hoarding and to end the role of agents in the sale-purchase of eatables in order to address the problem of price hike. Ameer-e-Jamat-i-Islami Lahore Ameer-ul-Azeem said that at the time of presenting the budget, government had defined Rs 685 billion as budget deficit during the current fiscal year but now the finance minister had expressed that it might be Rs 950 billion. He said the rulers including bureaucracy, judiciary and military officials, were enjoying luxurious life while on the other side of the picture, the govt says it has no funds to pay compensation to the victims of terrorists attacks as the cheques, issued to the victims, were bouncing. 'The country has external threats but more than that it was from the inside problems like price hike, unemployment and energy crisis he added.