LONDON (Agencies) UK Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to apologise for his comment that Islamabad is exporting terror, said a government source who insisted that he meant it. Daily Mail quoted government sources as indicating that Cameron would not withdraw his suggestion that Pakistan was exporting terror. A government source said Cameron would not apologise for his outspoken remarks and added: No, he said it and he meant it. His spokeswoman said British Prime Minister Cameron stands by comments on Pakistan. He stands by his remarks, said the spokeswoman, while stressing that the British premier had not been referring to the Pakistani government itself supporting terrorism. He was referring to elements within Pakistan supporting terrorism, not the Pakistani government, she said, after Britains high commissioner to Islamabad was summoned to the Pakistan foreign ministry. Pakistans information minister said after the latest comments that the response was very unfortunate but that Zardari would not postpone his visit to Britain in protest. Asked about Camerons standing by his comments, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira told BBC television: I think this is very unfortunate but insisted it would not threaten the visit. No, (the) president is not following this policy, he has a policy of interaction with the world, he said. We want to expand our relationship... but such remarks (are) a real problem for the government of Pakistan and the society of Pakistan. He added that he hoped the British government would change their perspective after Zardaris meeting with Cameron because we will give them the real facts. The British spokeswoman had earlier insisted that there were very good, strong links between Britain and Pakistan on many levels, adding: We want to continue to work very closely with Pakistan in the future. She also said Cameron had acknowledged that Pakistan was taking action against extremism. The Pakistanis face very big challenges, that is well known and the prime minister is looking forward to discussing those with President Zardari on Friday, the spokeswoman said.