KARACHI - Inequality, not religion in society is the main cause of increasing 'Taliban Phenomenon in Pakistan, which could be curtailed through providing jobs, equal and just system, but bombs and drone attacks are not the solution to the Taliban phenomenon. Eminent economist Kaisar Bengali, who is also Advisor to CM Sindh on Planning and Development Department, said this while speaking at a dialogue, Choice of strategy-Job or Bombs organized by Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) here on Monday. Bengali, who also worked in Afghanistan during Taliban rule in 2000, said that Taliban compelled the Afghanistan over 500 years back, adding that during that period he had written that such phenomenon could spread to Pakistan, which was vindicated by the later developments. He said that inter-regional inequality is huge in society. He said, We always blame Zia era or America for every crisis, but Taliban phenomenon is deep and structural. We only believe on assumptions, but Taliban threat never analyzed. Taliban phenomenon has different causes, but these were never diagnosed at government level, he said, adding, Even I have not seen intelligent discussion at government level to ascertain the causes of this phenomenon. He said that once the Taliban crushed, but no search started to find out the causes of such insurgencies. He pointed out that phenomenon of Taliban movement in Swat is different than rest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The multi ownership of land in Swat was the main reason of insurgencies in Swat as justice system had failed to deliver justice there. Sharing the reason of Taliban phenomenon in rest of Khyber PakhtunKhwa, he said that 'Khans always remained the ruler of their area which created problems for 'Molvis. Terming the Taliban Phenomenon tug-of-war between Khans and Molvis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he said that Molvis exploited the poverty of the locals and paying them money in their fight. He said that a systematic campaign is started by Taliban to kill Maliks and Khans, who are main target of these militants in the province. Referring to Sharif brothers of Punjab, he said that the actual Taliban are sitting in Lahore at GT road, where all Taliban getting oxygen. Bengali added that we have created two kinds of Pakistan, one for elites, where all kinds of facilities are available for rich people, while the other Pakistan which belongs to the poor, who have no education and jobs, adding that we are also paying price for such division in society in form of Taliban phenomenon. Social transformation is necessary, which has not been done since creation of Pakistan, he remarked. Unequal education system also one reason of Taliba-nisation in society, he said, demanded that state of Pakistan should abandon multiple system of education. He went on to say that 'A and 'O level degrees should not be accepted, adding that until we do not this we can to rout out Taliban Phenomenon. He also shared the number of schemes such as construction of Motorways, Comprehensive schools and other schools, being executed by Sindh Government, which will be helpful to eliminate poverty.