US Congressman Joe Pitts has joined the rising chorus of protest against the atrocities being committed by the Indian occupation forces on the people of Kashmir, while they only demand the fulfillment of Indias solemn commitment to the international community, in the shape of allowing the Kashmiri people to exercise their inherent right to self-determination. While speaking at a conference on Kashmir on Capitol Hill, he also noted that US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, did not even use the word Kashmir. The speech more or less coincided with the Indian occupiers killing seven innocent Kashmiris, which also marked the third straight day of protest which took the death toll at the hands of the Indian occupiers to 30. Congressman Pitts, a Republican, declared that the Obama Administration had failed to promote Indo-Pak peace, despite Obamas campaign statements about the centrality of the issue, and the need to resolve it. This was evidence of how international opinion is mounting against the Indian occupation, but this also pointed to how the world capitals, because of narrow individual interests, are busy currying favour with India, the latest example being British PM David Camerons statement. The USA wants to build up India as its regional bulwark against China, and thus toes the Indian line on Kashmir, no matter how blatant the Indian refusal to obey the international communitys decision on how to determine the will of the Kashmiri people. There might have been some arguments based on expediency in favour of this Indian view, but ever since the present generation of Kashmiris showed their readiness to sacrifice their lives, it does not wash any longer. The Kashmiri people are being made to pay for two things: first that their occupiers are Indians, and second, that they themselves are Muslims. Because of this, the world community has given India a free hand and has allowed the unjust slaughter of the Kashmiri people. A change seems to have begun, perhaps because the occupation has become too overt to be ignored. The world community continues to ignore its own UNSC resolutions on the subject. However, Congressman Pitts rightly joins UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in noting the bloody results of Indias illegal occupation, and so should all those of good conscience throughout the world. It is not just a matter of keeping two nuclear-armed neighbours (and thus certainly the region, perhaps the entire world) at peace, but also providing justice to a beleaguered people, hard-done-by.