RAWALPINDI (Online) Pak Army Monday dubbed the allegations of alleged links between Pakistans intelligence agencies with Taliban and sponsoring a large-scale guerrilla war through Afghan proxies as baseless, concocted and malicious. Chris Alexander, who was Canadas ambassador in Kabul from 2003 to 2005 and later deputy of the UN mission until 2009, writing in the Globe and Mail under the title 'The huge scale of Pakistans complicity, had written, The Pakistan Army under Gen Kayani is sponsoring a large-scale, covert guerrilla war through Afghan proxies - whose strongholds in Balochistan and Waziristan are flourishing. An army spokesman told Online that first the WikiLeaks alleged Documents, remarks of UK Premier David Cameron and now the observations of former ambassador were interlinked to malign the Pakistani armed forces and intelligence agencies. He said all such allegations were unfounded, which could hamper the war on terror. Everyone knows Pakistan is playing the role of a front line state in the war against terror, also acknowledged by the world community, he remarked. According to the Canadian diplomat, the Pak Army is sponsoring a large-scale guerrilla war to keep India out of Afghanistan while Gen Kayani has even told President Hamid Karzai that he can broker a peace deal with the Taliban - only if Indian consulates in Afghanistan are closed. The principal drivers of violence are no longer, if they ever were, inside Afghanistan...ISI is the main driver of the conflict... Gen Kayani and others will deny complicity. But as the WikiLeaks material demonstrates, their heavy-handed involvement is now obvious at all levels, the Canadian diplomat had written in his article. He said the Pak Armys interference in Afghanistan violated the UN Charter and posed a threat to the world peace. Adding, It deserves serious discussion in multilateral forums, including the UN.