LAHORE - Leading political parties, NGOs, traders and other welfare organisations still seem inactive regarding collection of donations for rehabilitation of the people of flood-hit areas by setting up relief camps in the City, The Nation has learnt on Monday. It was witnessed that a few organisations could set-up relief camps at some places of the City including Faisal Chowk and the Mall. It was also seen that a number of citizens were looking for such relief camps to donate relief money and other daily use items but failed to find any relief camp in their respective localities. Earlier, leaders of these political parties, volunteers of NGOs, welfare organisations and civil society were very active to help and rehabilitate the victims of various disasters particularly during the earthquake in 2005 and for the homeless people during Army operations against terrorists in Swat and Waziristan. They also participated in the relief activities with zeal and in this regard they had set up relief camps in every nook and corner across the country and collected relief goods in abundance. The donor agencies also released huge amounts for the victims of calamities. But, this time leaders of political parties are only scoring point by issuing political statements blaming and holding each other responsible for loss in the disaster instead of initiating practical measures in this regard. Some of them just are appealing the masses and donor agencies to donate amounts and other items for the flood victims of Punjab in general and Khyber PK in particular instead of participating personally in rescue operations and initiating any relief activities. Further, these political leaders belonging to various leading parties of the country including ruling groups are busy in political war game and advising each other not to misappropriate relief funds when the country is between the devil and the deep sea and the flood victims need medical aid and food with physical support from the government. Whereas, due to prevailing flood situation in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber PK, hundreds of people had lost their lives and property while remaining were seeking relief and awaiting help from the government. Reportedly, more than one thousand people have been declared dead while uncountable residents of such flood-hit areas of Punjab and other provinces still are missing or blocked in far-flung areas and are waiting the time when they will be rescued. However, rescue teams failed to reach these flood-hit areas and could not trace and rescue the people in trouble despite knowing their exact locations. Moreover, Federal government and the governments of concerned provinces also failed to provide relief to the affectees according to their needs. Although, the security forces particularly Pak Army is participating in the rescue and relief activities with enthusiasm while the rulers just are making tall claims regarding initiating various steps for helping the flood victims and claiming their rehabilitation. Although, they reached the flood-hit areas with protocols but for photo sessions or consoling and condoling those who had lost their beloved ones but not for those jammed in flood water and still were alive on the hope to be rescued by the rulers and other authorities concerned.