ISLAMABAD - Apart from killing hundreds of people and displacing not less than one million others, the unprecedented flash floods in the country have destroyed the road network and caused a loss of over Rs 600 million to the national exchequer. Heavy floods in different parts of country caused heavy destruction to national road network as restoration of main road communication system, excluding Karakoram Highway Bridge in Basham area, may take a couple of days, sources in the Communication Ministry informed TheNation. Mainly the arteries including N-50 (DI Khan-Mughal Kot), Swat road network, Karak-oram Highway (KKH) bridges at different places, Peshawar Motorway, N-5 (Western bank of the Indus River and the GT Road), road network at some places of Naran, Chakdara, Mansehra and other places suffered huge destruction and their complete repairing will take time ranging from one month to year. It would not be out of place to mention here that destruction and closure of road network in the country is causing difficulty for flood-affected people who want to move towards safer places. Pace of rescue operation is also being affected due to road network situation. Some of the places have been destroyed completely and cut off from the rest of the country and only rescue helicopters are facilitating people there, said an NHA official. The assessment figures, available with TheNation, revealed that complete repairing of N-50 road network would take around six months and it would cause around Rs 150 million loss to the national kitty. Karakoram Highway has been demolished at two places - from Batagram to Thakot and from Basham to Sazeen - and its repairing would need around Rs400m, however the road would temporary be opened for traffic within 15 days. The road from Batagram to Thakot, assessment figures revealed, was newly constructed one and as floodwater flowed parallel to the road, it caused heavy destruction. While three bridges at the area falling between Basham to Sazeen at KKH have suffered heavy destruction and one of the bridges was believed to be 40-year old. The floodwater along with glacier water caused huge loss at Naran road network as three bridges were destructed and formation of new bridges is also considered to be a difficult task, said official sources. The assessment figures showed that N-5 (Western bank of the Indus River and the GT Road) have been destructed at different places and its repairing would need about Rs20 m. Sources in the Ministry said that road network at Chakdara was also badly damaged and it would cause around Rs80m loss to national kitty. When contacted, National Highway Authority (NHA) Chairman Ch Altaf said that main road communication system would be cleared very soon as work was underway. KKH may take 10 to 15 days, he added. The Chairman NHA said that this was the heaviest flood after 1929 and the national exchequer suffered a multimillion loss because different road networks were destroyed.