ISLAMABAD The Legislators in the Upper House of the Parliament on Monday criticised the Federal Government, Provincial Governments and departments concerned for lack of coordination in the rescue and relief operations being carried out in the flood-hit areas. They held these authorities responsible for the massive devastation. The PML-N Senators including Pervez Rashid and Ishaq Dar also condemned President Asif Ali Zardari for visiting UK despite the country was hit by floods and British Prime Minister used derogatory remarks against the country. The House started its debate after three Senators, Professor Ibrahim, Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed and Haji Adeel, moved their adjournment motions to discuss the situation of floods that had caused huge devastation in many parts of the country. Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed came down hard on the Chair and asked him to take the agenda items first instead of adjournment motions when Haji Adeel was ready to read out the adjournment motion with the permission of the Chair. However, the House started its debate after Acting Chairman Senate, Dr Khatumal Jeevan, gave ruling that the adjournment motion could be moved after suspending the routine proceedings of the House. The legislators across the divide observed that three Rs - rescue, relief and rehabilitation - which were the key measures to deal with any natural calamity, were missing from the policy of the incumbent Government. They condemned the Government for its failure in establishing any institution to face the challenge of such catastrophes, saying that they had not learnt any lesson from the past. The Senators said that the Government failed to establish any institution that could face and react in case of such calamities, adding that NDMA was established by Musharrafs government but it had no proper funds and ability to tackle the situation. They termed the rescue and relief operations insufficient. They said that the Government was committing another mistake, as it was not making any assessment regarding the situation to emerge when the flood would hit Sindh and Southern Punjab. Haji Adeel Ahmed made an emotional speech in favour of his motion and held the mismanagement of authorities concerned responsible for massive devastation, saying that neither these could predict well in time about the rains and nor control the damage after the calamity. He said that the flood had caused huge loss in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but they had not received any financial aid from quarters concerned including the Federal Government. No minister is here to hear us. Perhaps they have gone to Paris, he added. Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri of JUI-F was the lone member who did not criticise the Government, saying that they should make strategy to save more areas from the flood instead of blaming the Government. Dr Abdul Malik was about to speak on the issue when the House was adjourned due to killing of MQM MPA, Raza Haider. Earlier, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had informed the House about the incident. He urged the Chair to adjourn the proceedings of the House. He also said that the deceased MPA was receiving threats from Sipah-e-Sahaba, a banned outfit, adding that a joint investigation team had been ordered to probe into the incident. Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashker-e-Jhangvi are involved in many target killings in Karachi, as a conspiracy is being hatched to destroy the peace of city, he added. The Minister also requested both the leaders of ANP and MQM to show tolerance and patience.