The decision taken by the civil and military leadership, as reported by Nawa-i-Waqt group of papers that the US would not be given any permission to carry out unilateral operation on our soil is in consonance with Parliaments resolutions condemning such form of aggression and deserves unqualified praise. A decision was also taken to the effect that all covert and overt agreements the Musharraf regime had signed with the US would also be reviewed. That the Obama administration is on the warpath with us is obvious from the recent aspersion cast by US army chief Mullen that Pakistan should not use rogue groups to foment violence in the region. The charge of aiding and abetting militant groups is both ridiculous and unfounded. Rather, it is the US that has been muddying the waters for Pakistan. And in order to achieve its nefarious goals, it has been brazenly relying on rogue groups to deal blows to our stability. There have been a string of ground attacks by militants from across the border and given the way these marauding hordes are organised as well as well armed, it is but clear that they have the US support. Secondly, the US is also involved in talks with several militant groups, only to use them to its own benefit. Adm Mullen, therefore must first see what his own country is doing before levelling baseless accusations against Pakistan that is the biggest victim of terrorism. One would have only wished that our civil and military leadership realised the reality that America is no friends of ours. If from day one we had rebuffed its moves to take our sovereignty for granted, our relationship on the contrary would have been on an equal footing. Our present woes are the result of our blind obedience we accorded to the Bush administration since the start of its latter-day crusade; the war on terror post-9/11. It is now sincerely hoped that the civil and military leadership will stick to its decision to part ways with the US.