SWABI - A two-member committee of the Awami National Party (ANP), comprising veteran politician Azam Hoti and Hussain Shah, is expected to meet the leaders of two arch rival groups of the party on Thursday in a bid to pave the way for their patch-up, sources said Tuesday. They said about 12 days back, the ANP KP President Afrasiab Khattak constituted the committee to meet the rival groups - led by former MNA Haji Rehmanullah and partys former district General Secretary Jehanzeb Khan. All the previous meetings and outcomes had made clear that both the groups were sticking to their approaches and that was the main reason that the provincial leadership failed to break the deadlock, said the sources, adding that eminent leaders like Afrasiab Khattak, Latif Afridi, Imran Afridi, Hussain Shah and others had already met them. Even Hoti had held parleys with them in both Mardan and Swabi, but at that time he was not a member of the committee. However, he kept a vigilant eye over the prevailing situation, said the sources. The sources said it would be the first meeting of the committee members at their residence after their new assignment. They were given a task to reach the bottom-line and resolve the differences. He (Hoti) is well aware of the entire scenario. He remained in touch with key leaders of the party and his inclusion in the committee was quite vital and he might succeed to bury their rivalry, said a key leader, adding that, The inclusion of Hoti was a turning-point. Once he visits the district and meets the two rivals, they would follow him. However, the sources said that his lean on any side might be proved a disaster. The sources said the current cracks in party were totally different from the earlier differences. Earlier only a few members or leaders rose against the party leadership and they were kicked out from the party and forgotten, said an renowned leader. The present scenario is different because each group has support of a large number of people. A temporary solution or an imposed settlement would be a serious blow to the party position. A chat with key leaders made it clear that reservations of both the groups should be addressed and in the light of that they should take a decision, which is in the best interest of the party, said the sources. It was an uphill task for Hoti and Shah, said the sources, adding that the leaders and workers of the party had already demanded that the ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan should play his due role. The issue of 5,000 membership forms for the Jehanzeb Khan group has become a hot issue. Even members of the district election commission said if the membership forms were given to his group they would tender resignation in en bloc. Insiders admitted the tug-of-war had already harmed the party position and further delay in might prove more harmful.