LAHORE (PR) - British Education and Training Systems Fashion School held its annual Fashion and Textile Exhibition. Students displayed their work ranging from thesis collections, fashion and textile designs, CAD/CAM, fine arts, 3-D products, surface ornamentation display, truck art and etc. The vibrant thesis collections depicted two different themes: Opera Fairy Tale by Muneeba Butt and The Fall of British Raj by Zahid Bilal. These two themes were represented through the six outfit final collection, boasting of students design aesthetic and technical knowledge. The thesis work was highly appreciated by the visitors especially seasoned artists like Saeed Akhtar and Khalid Aakash who specifically asked a few of our students to visit his institute. The event was not only visited by students, but also their families, celebrities from different walks of life like model/actors, Zareen Rehman, Rizwan Haider, Danyal Arshad, Host Fahad Sheikh, Artists, Saeed Akhar & Khalid Aakash.