LAHORE Despite the tall claims of the government vis--vis providing uninterrupted power and gas supply, abrupt domestic power cuts and low pressure of gas during the Sehr and Iftar timings caused great trouble for the faithful on the first day of Ramazan on Tuesday. The major areas of the provincial metropolis faced load shedding and some localities of the City were also hit by the low pressure of gas, creating difficulties for citizens in preparing food for Sehri and later for fast-breaking. There are reports of the load shedding across the country on the same timings on the first day of the holy month. About 14 to 16 hours average shutdown was being conducted by the DISCOs concerned all over the country. The PEPCO had claimed that there would no load shedding during Ramazan but the claims proved wrong. Muhammad Rashid, a resident of Islampura told this scribe that there was no electricity in his locality on morning even five minutes were remaining in fast-keeping. Similarly, during the Iftar timing, most areas were without power supply. However, one can say that the Lahore Electric Supply Company tried to fulfill the promise made by its umbrella organisation, the PEPCO, in a sense that the Company tripped the supply right before the five minutes of Sehr and Iftar in most areas of the City, thanks to the most efficient power distribution company of the country. One can imagine the situation in other areas of Pakistan from the 'efficiency of the best DISCO, the LESCO. There are reports that areas of Walled city, Mozang Chungi, surroundings of Chuburgi and areas around the Multan Road from Yadgar Chowk to Thoker Niaz Baig faced tripping and one to two hours rotational basis load shedding on the last night and even the citizens could not perform Taraveh prayer on Monday and Tuesday nights. Reportedly, due to the unavailability of water during the Taraveh prayer, the residents of the Samanabad went out from the mosques and protested against the load shedding in front of the XEN office. Johar Town Grid Station conducted the usual load shedding it its limits on Tuesday. The rural areas under the Lahore Electric Supply Company even faced the worst situations and they were deprived of electricity for above 12 hours. A Lesco source said the main New Kotlakhpat Grid Station, Band Road Grid Station and Ravi Road Grid Station were following the previous load shedding plan. National Grid is facing 4,000MW shortfall, it is impossible not to conduct load shedding, the official source added.