ISLAMABAD - The appointment of new Director General (Technical and Training), Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, has been made in violation of the standard procedure and constitution of the PSB, TheNation has learnt reliably. Ganjera has got this job due to his close ties with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani as the P PSB constitution does not allow any provision for a second DG. Moreover, Ganjera does not enjoy a profile which is necessary to have such a coveted BPS-20 post. An insider, on condition of anonymity, revealed that Ganjera was very close to PM Gilani and by sing his good offices, he managed to get the favour as Prime Minister had specially created the new Director General slot and Ganjera was promoted to BPS-20 by superseding three most senior persons in the board. One more interesting thing in the issue is that President, not Prime Minister is the Patron-in-Chief of the PSB as per the constitution and only President can make any amendments or promotions in this regard. This correspondent also got a tip from a reliable source that Prime Minister has also given a special grant of Rs 40 million to Ganjera for the construction of a new gym in the PSB although there wis already a gym in the PSB and there is no need of building a new gym. Ganjera himself is also a controversial figure and an ACR comment in his record still stands that: "He is not fit for further retention in Government service". That ACR was written by Zakir Hussain Syed, the then DG, PSB. It is worth mentioning that despite having a domicile from Punjab, he got himself promoted from BS-17 to BS-18 on a seat reserved for FATA. He was also promoted to BS-19 without any Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) approval neither any meeting was convened in this regard. According to the source, Ganjera also had assaulted a woman athlete in 1989 in the premises of Pakistan Sports Complex, who was staying at Jinnah Stadium. "He entered in her room and on her hue and cry people caught Ganjera red-handed and later that matter was hushed up by the Board officials just to save the skin of their colleague. A PSB employee tried to seek justice for the victim girl but was given a shut up call by the management", the source added. Moreover, Ganjera continuously used to display green number plate on his private car that was disclosed when the car was stolen from Jinnah Stadium. His inability in financial matters has also costed the PSB millions on number of occasions. One example among many is the purchase of equipment for Sauna Bath that costed PSB Rs.1.2 million whereas the original market price was Rs 0.2 million. He had also embarked on several trips to Australia on Government expenses claiming to get his private PhD done, which still left a lot of questions to be answered as the Higher Education Commission has repeatedly asked Ganjera to submit his PhD degree for verification, which he, despite a lapse of considerable time, has failed to submit. When this correspondent contacted to Ganjera to seek his point of view, he said all these things are of the past and he had already given explanation in this regard. He denied using any car bearing green number plate. He further said that he went to Australia on scholarship which was offered to him by Victoria University, Melbourne and he worked there for meeting his day-to-day expenditures as the university was paying for his study and accommodation only. He said the government only allowed him two years leave to complete his studies at Australia. He accepted that Prime Minister has approved a huge amount for setting up of three more gyms in the PSB which will benefit the players of volleyball, wrestling, boxing, karate, martial arts and table tennis. He said that this plan was sent to PM some three years back. He said that a PC-I would be prepared as the PSB was trying to introduce same latest Science Support System which the Australian Support Commission has used for enhancing the capabilities of their players. He further said that he wanted to promote sports at grass roots level and his doors were open for any suggestions regarding betterment of sports in the country.