The demise of Quaid-i-Azam orphaned us. Unfortunately we became a rudderless ship after the assassination of Quaid-i-Millat. No effort was made to find out the hidden hands which expedited the death of Quaid-i-Azam. It is outrageous to know that a rickety ambulance was sent for the founder of Pakistan. Thereafter a uniformed usurper made good use of the political chaos and took over to become the President and a self-styled Field Marshal. Then four loathsome characters (on all four occasions ably assisted by our selfless politicians and the judiciary conveniently validating their rule under The doctrine of necessity) intermittently brutalized us for over three decades for the fulfillment of their own personal interests. Their grave misdeeds amply personify them. The first one made us loose our three rivers. With the control on those and others rivers emanating from Held Kashmir, India is hastily trying to turn our fertile lands into deserts. The Field Martial had to abdicate to pave way for the one who expedited the loss of half of our country under the influence of wine and allied delicacies. In comes the charismatic Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, also the first ever civilian Martial Law Administrator who did not concede to the fair results of 1970 elections. With the third one General Zia-ul-Haq, the 11 year era of deceit and hypocrisy began. The Kalashnikov culture, drugs, omni present Afghans, his own evaporation in the air, unrest in Karachi and the perpetual blood shed in the country were just some of the gifts he gave to the country. The irony of the fate, the three tyrant usurpers were given full ceremonial burial. The fourth self-seeker tyrant, brought with him the so-called bright idea of liberalism, moderation, and the enlightenment. All these characteristics became more pronounced with becoming the front rank state to fight the war on terror. He provided all out assistance to USA to let her destroy our own brethren in Afghanistan and Iraq with the most modern weapons. And today we are being destroyed by the joint effort of USA, India, and the Afghanistan as a reward to become the front line state to eliminate terror. The tyrant inculcated enlightenment through the mixed marathon races. The women from abroad were invited to join in. He displayed enlightened moderation by encouraging the artists and by superbly playing on tablas. Now he is at large. He shall wait for the long arm of the law to catch him to pay for his disservice to the Muslims. He is the prime source of miseries and destruction in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq in particular and for the Ummah in general. His policies are being pursued more vigorously by the present slaves; regardless of the price being paid by us in the shape of maximum of blood shed of innocent defence personnels, civilians, and destruction of all kinds throughout the country. In addition, enough are the drone attacks to generate and multiply reactionary suicide bombers on the behest of those, who manipulate the drones to kill our brethren, to declare them terrorists immediately afterwards. Our plight is well known but our so-called leaders are still ready to do more to show their obedience. Maj. Syed Haider Hassan (Retd) Lahore