LAHORE Lawyers in the City, like other parts of the country, are seriously concerned over the target killings in Karachi and Quetta. The deaths in the two cities include those of four lawyers. They have dubbed the unabated spate of killings a complete failure of the government and a handwork of the foreign agencies which are acting freely throughout the country. After the Lahore High Court Bar, Punjab Bar Council and the Lahore Bar Association have carried resolutions and condemned target killing in the said provincial capitals, the lawyers are still perturbed by the situation as it is getting bad to worse with every passing day. Discerning the local and the foreign factors behind the blood bath, lawyers feel that the foreign elements more active than the local ones for whom they say, this mercilessly show of killing the innocent at this scale is not possible. Former Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association Raja Zulqurnain says now the local parties are not engaged in a tit for tat but the situation appears to have gone out of their hand for that reason MQM Altaf Hussain has given the government a final warning. In his view, it is American design to destabilisze and economically weaken Pakistan and the present unrest has been unleashed to achieve that end. He says America is pursuing policies against Pakistan and he quoted the statement of US under Secretary of State wherein she declared Pakistan and Iraq two major threats to America and okayed using atomic weapons against Pakistan. He said we have precedent of Japan cities which were atomic bombed by America in an extreme act and in view of that Pakistan must be on its guard against any extreme step from America. He said Pakistan is tremendously rich in natural resources and America has set its eyes on that for which grounds are being leveled. Raja said what America is doing against Pakistan by perpetuating drown attacks and blocking funds what is legitimate right of Pakistan is a sheer and brazen violation of the international law and covenants which amply show its clandestine evil designs against this country wherein he added, such a government is in place which cannot stay without approval and support of America hence is slave to its interests and wishes and helpless to protect the national interests. He said it is high time the nation understand what game is being played against Pakistan under the cloak of 'terrorism and 'extremism and also that what way our rulers are providing facility therein. He said what is happening in two major cities, upon which Pakistans economic fate hinges in terms of commercial activity and exploration of resources, is not a petty matter but highly serious one. Raja said now only that government can deliver which reciprocates the public sentiments understands objectively the meaning of foreign intervention in Pakistan affairs and acts not like the present one, which in fact is the stooge of America. President Lahore High Court Bar Association Asghir Ali Gill expressed deep concerns over the target killings and said the situation demands a serious thought by all stakeholders up to the representation of every field and class of people so that a viable solution could be found out. He said such a long spate of target killings appears an organised action being execution at mega scale which is not possible without the involvement of foreign agencies which do not want us to be living in a stable, strong, Islamic atomic power wielding country. Former president Lahore Bar Association Manzoor Qadir said the situation speaks volumes of the total failure of the government which did not have any policy except looting and plundering of the national wealth leaving the people at the mercy of the killers. He said the government is now confronting with the judiciary in order to become a political martyr in its hand to once against reach to the power corridors winning sympathy votes of the masses. Qadir said the situation is serious and no leadership is in sight which is capable of steering the country out. He said everyone must come forward to help find a solution to current problems.