LAHORE Commissioner Jawad Rafique Malik and District Coordination Officer Ahad Khan Cheema along with MNA Bilal Yasin and MPA Khawja Imran Nazir made sudden visits to the Ramadan Bazaars in the metropolis and checked the activities at different Ramadan Bazaars and ordered to ensure fresh vegetables and fruits besides making provision for the flour and sugar at the cheaper rates on Tuesday. The officers also fined those who did not observe the rules set in public interest. The town in-charge in Baigamkot was suspended for setting up poor tents. Stall permits were also cancelled of four shopkeepers including Kubra, Jamil, Kamal and Jamshed for keeping duplicate price lists and two shopkeepers were fined Rs 1000 each for selling poor quality vegetables. A shopkeeper in Gulshan-e-Ravi was fined Rs 500 for keeping imperfect measurement scales. The officers visited Ramadan Bazaars established at Islam Pura, Karim Park Ravi Road, Shadbagh, Gulshan-e- Ravi, Shadman, Wahdat Colony, and Tajpura on the advice of Punjab Chief Minister. The commissioner advised the DCO to check the quality of the eatables and ensure the proper uniform of the staff deputed in the bazaars. He also ordered to punish those who didnt observe the rules and regulations. Meanwhile, following the directions of Senior Federal Minister Chaudhary Elahi, the PML-Q elected members and party office holders have made their first visit to utility stores on first of the Ramazan to ensure the provision of daily use items to consumers. However, it is merit mentioning, PML-Q members have made their first visit to the utility stores of posh areas of Model Town, Garden Town and Shadman instead of visiting the real needy areas of the City where lower middle and poor classes reside. PML-Q leaders may visit the real beds of the needy in the provincial capital later, while it was the feel among the most affected of the price hike that public representatives should visit the stores of their areas first to ascertain their problems on the first day of the holy month. Meanwhile, Seemal Kamran, Khadija Umer and others visited the utility stores of Model Town, Garden Town and Shadman and talked to the consumers at the stores about the availability of the various items.