ISLAMABAD (INP) - The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), on Tuesday, approved Rs 1.04 per unit hike in power tariff. The hike was approved under monthly fuel adjustment for the month of June. According to NEPRA sources, the tariff raise will be applicable to all consumers other than lifeline consumers. It should be mentioned here that the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had requested the NEPRA for an increase of Rs 1.13 per unit. A total of 8,798MW electricity was sold to distribution companies during the month of June. Electricity sold in June was worth Rs 55.95 billion, according to the NEPRA. The NEPRA sources said that transmission losses accounted for 4.24 percent of electricity in the same month. National power grid received 35.92 percent electricity from wind power, 34.15 percent from furnace oil while gas was utilised to generate 25.05 percent of electricity, according to the NEPRA. As much as 3.96 percent electricity was produced from nuclear source, 0.11 percent from coal and 0.15 percent power was incorporated in the national power grid with the help of high speed diesel. As much as 0.24 percent electricity was imported from Iran as well.