ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, as part of his dialogue with the nation initiative to formulate a national policy to tackle various challenges facing the country, will hold dialogue with eminent media persons from print as well as electronic media from across the country on Wednesday. This will be the fourth interactive session under the Dialogue with the PM initiative launched by Prime Minister Gilani to hold consultation with the intellectuals, artistes, vice chancellors of universities and media persons, to formulate a national policy to counter the growing trend of intolerance and enhance the level of understanding among the masses. The eminent media personalities from print and electronic media including the newspaper editors, article writers, anchor-persons etc. would be participating in the Wednesdays session of the PMs Dialogue with the Nation. Under this unique initiative, the Prime Minister has already held very productive interactive sessions with the countrys renowned intellectuals, artistes and educationists on July 25, 29 and August 1, respectively, which was largely hailed by the people from various segments of the society. The new initiative Dialogue with the PM is aimed at encouraging free discussion on all issues confronted by the society and also strengthens present governments policy of consensus and reconciliation amongst all the stakeholders. The recommendations emanating from this unique dialogue will be incorporated by the Prime Minister in his speech on August 14 and these will ultimately become a part of an overall policy to address the menace of terrorism, militancy and extremism. Prominent among those, to be attending Wednesdays dialogue, include Fasih Iqbal, Zubair Qureshi, Ashfaq Ahmad, Ghazi Salahuddin, Zahid Malilk, Muhammad Malik, Mujahid Bralvi, Javed Siddique and Saleem Safi.