In the wake of Government-Judiciary confrontation, Quaid-i-Azams speech on 14th Aprilshould be a guiding light whereas he called a meeting of civil officersat Government House in Peshawar andsaid,The first thing that I want to tell you is this, that you should not be influenced byany political pressure, by any political party or individual politician. If you want toraise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan, you must not fall a victim to anypressure, but do your duty as servants to the people and the State, fearlesslyand honestly. Service is the backbone of the State. Governments are formed,Governments are defeated, Prime Ministers come and go, Ministers come andgo, but you stay on, and, therefore, there is a very great responsibilityplaced onyour shoulders. You should have no hand in supporting this political party or thatpolitical party, this political leader or that political leader - this is not your business. Then he went on to say, Whoever happens to be the Prime Minister or Minister coming into power in theordinary constitutional course, your duty is not only to serve that Governmentloyally and faithfully, but, at the same time, fearlessly, maintaining your highreputation, your prestige, yourhonourand the integrity of your service. If you willstart with that determination, you will make a great contribution to the building upof the Pakistan of our conception and our dream - a glorious State and one of thegreatest nations in the world.While impressing this upon you on your side, I wish also to take the opportunityof impressing upon our leaders and politicians in the same way that if they evertry to interfere with you and bring political pressure to bear upon you, which leadsto nothing but corruption, bribery and nepotism - which is a horrible diseaseand for which not only your Province but others too, are suffering - if they try andinterfere with you in this way, I say, they are doing nothing but disservice toPakistan. May be some of you may fall victims for not satisfying the whims of Ministers. Ihope it does not happen, but you may even be put to trouble not because youare doing anything wrong but because you are doing right. Sacrifices have to bemade and I appeal to you, if need be, to come forward and make the sacrificeand face the position of being put in the blacklist or being otherwise worried ortroubled. If you will give me the opportunity of your sacrifices, some of you atleast, believe me, we will find a remedy for that very soon. I tell you that you willnot remain on the blacklist if you discharge your duties and responsibilitieshonestly, sincerely and loyally to the State. It is you who can give us theopportunity to create a powerful machinery which will give you a complete senseof security. You should try to create an atmosphere and work in such a spiritthat everybody gets a fair deal, and justice is done to everybody. And not merelyshould justice be done but people should feel that justice has been done to them. DR. IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, August2.