Around 3100 personnel including policemen, security guards and Masajid guards will perform security duties during the holy month of Ramazan and to ensure elaborate arrangements in coordination with the notables in various areas. Security personnel will perform special duties at 648 mosques and 37 imam bargahs. As many as 3100 police officials/security guards/masajid guards have been deployed for the security of worship places in Islamabad during the holy month of Ramadan. These security arrangements shall be supervised by five SPs. As per security plan, only one gate of worship place would be kept open during the month of Ramazan. Mosque committees would conduct checking through metal detectors and would also deploy private security guards for the purpose. The police officials should also be directed to carry out special checking of hotels, motels, inns and guest houses for security purpose and checking at the exit and entry points should be intensified without causing any embarrassment to the citizens. Similarly, police should enhance patrolling in the various areas and the police officials should exercise strict vigilance. Close contact may be established with citizens and they may be apprised that in case of any unclaimed luggage or any suspicious person came in their notice, they should inform the Police Control or Rescue-15. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, August2.