LAHORE Punjab Health Secretary Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan has said that the government would ensure implementation on the law that allowed doctors practice only at their residences and not at private hospitals and clinics. Chairing a meeting held here on Tuesday to review performance of DHQ, THQ hospitals, RHCs and BHUs of Gujranwala and Hafizabad districts, he said a strict monitoring system would soon be evolved to implement the law in letter and spirit. He said that Medical Superintendents would have to furnish a certificate that doctors and staff of his hospital were not doing private practice. EDO Health Gujranwala briefed the meeting regarding the performance of the hospitals. He informed that an ICU was being established at DHQ hospital at a cost of Rs 53.455 million and so far Rs 22.341 million had been spent on this project. Moreover, five BHUs have also been established in Gujranwala at a cost of Rs 29.615 million. He further informed that construction of Community Midwife Hostel was underway and Rs 8.394 million had been spent on the project. He said that ultrasound machines have been provided in 64 BHUs for the provision of better diagnostic facilities to the patients, especially to pregnant women. The Health Secretary directed that CMW hostel should be completed by October this year. He said that as compared to health facilities and resources allocated by the government, the turnout of patients was very low. He directed that service delivery system of hospital should further be improved. He said that focus of the government was on patients satisfaction and to rebuild the confidence of public in government health facilities. EDO Health Hafizabad informed that BHU Kolo Tarer was upgraded to RHC and Rs 4.786 million would be spent for the purpose. Moreover, BHU Kassoke has been upgraded to RHC at a cost of Rs 7.060 million. The Health Secretary took notice of less registration of pregnant women by LHWs and reduced number of delivery cases at government hospitals. He directed that officers and MSs must find out the reason that why people were preferred private clinics for delivery. He directed the MSs to take a round of their hospital and exchange views with the patients and their attendants and ask about the facilities being offered to them. He directed the DG Health to organise health festivals at district level for promoting health education and motivating people to benefit from governments free offer of treatment and other facilities.