Bin Ladens codename wasnt Geronimo, it was Crankshaft. Geronimo was the code for finding bin Laden. Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, the courier that led the CIA to bin Ladens hideout, drove a white SUV with a spare tire on the back emblazoned with an image of a white rhino. Before eating Costco sandwiches and after playing nine holes of golf, President Obama arrived at the Situation Room in the White House to watch the mission. - When the SEALs found bin Laden he was being shielded by his two wives. One wife was shot in the leg, then both were bear hugged and taken elsewhere, for fear they would be wearing suicide vests. - Two 5.56-mm. bullets were shot into bin Ladens body, the first into his chest, the second just above his left eye. - The dog involved with the raid was a Belgium Malinois named Cairo who was later kept muzzled when meeting President Obama. -Individual weapons carried by the SEAL teams included a Sig Sauer P226 pistol, a silenced M4 rifle and a Heckler & Koch MP7. - The CIA initially tried to confirm bin Ladens presence inside the Abbottabad compound by sending a man who tried to collect blood samples from the residents, telling them that it was part of an immunization drive. None of the compounds residents gave any blood. - The military considered air strikes, a raid that involved SEALs running to the compound from elsewhere in the city and even tunneling into the hideout, before finally settling on the helicopter raid. - In arguing against the raid, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates reminded people that he was in the Carter White House when they hatched the disastrous Operation Eagle Claw plan in 1980, which had attempted to free hostages but ended with the deaths of eight U.S. soldiers. - The helicopter that crashed during the raid might not have done so if the practice facility used by the SEALs was surrounded by a solid fence and not a chain-linked fence. - The SEALs were prepared to sic Cairo the dog on curious neighbours around bin Ladens compound if needed. - The porn that was found in bin Ladens possession is apparently not uncommon among Islamic extremists. We find it on all these guys, a special-operations officer is quoted saying. - Bin Ladens identity was confirmed using bone-marrow DNA, visual comparisons and height measurement using a six-foot tall SEAL to lie down next to his corpse. - Joe Biden urged all the senior military officials to go to Mass after the raid. - Bin Ladens body was washed, wrapped in a white cloth, slipped into a bag, then dumped into the ocean from a height of between 20 and 25 feet above the water. - Obama never asked who fired the kill shot and no one ever offered to tell him.