KARACHI - Chinese Navy Hospital Ship ‘Peace Ark’ is currently on a seven-day official visit to Pakistan to extend humanitarian medical services to the masses.

To-date around 1,800 patients have been treated onboard ship and at the medical camps established jointly by the Pakistan Navy and Chinese medical teams at PNS Shifa.

Representatives of media were taken onboard ship today to visit the hospital. They went round various sections of the hospital and witnessed patients being treated there. They were also briefed about the medical facilities and modern equipment available at the hospital ship.

Talking to the media men, the Commanding Officer of the ship said Pakistan and China had long standing friendly ties and navies of the two countries also enjoy deep rooted cooperation.

He apprised that as a part of ‘Mission Harmony’, the ship is on a visit to eight Asian countries, including Pakistan, Maldives, India, Myanmar and Indonesia.

‘Peace Ark’ is a 300-bed hospital ship having a medical crew of 100 equipped with CT, DR coloured Ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyser, anesthesia, breathing machine and higher pressure sterilization disinfection machine. The hospital ship consists of several specialised medical departments including cardiovascular, medicine department, general surgery department, orthopedics department, neurosurgery department, dental department and blood transfusion department.

Peace Ark has 20 Intensive Care Units and 8 operation theatres having room for 40 major surgeries simultaneously.