KHYBER AGENCY - The political administration of the Khyber Agency has lifted the curfew in Bara, which has been imposed since 2009.

In a press conference, Khyber Agency Political Agent Muttahir Zeb said law and order situation has much improved in Bara and forces have played vital role in restoration of peace in the area, therefore, the administration has decided to reopen all roads heading towards Bara and lift curfew.

He said for establishing lasting peace, some restrictions have been imposed on the dwellers of the area.

He said that display on weapons on the main roads will be prohibited.  He said curfew has been lifting on experimental basis and the situation improved more, Bara markets will be reopened soon.

“Now security forces have established their position in Bagh Maidan in Tirrah,” he added.

The local people have appreciated the re-opening of the roads leading to Bara and lifting of the curfew.

They also demanded safe return of thousands of displaced persons of Bara.