MULTAN : Experts have urged the growers to complete timely sowing of maize as fodder crop and utilize varieties including Akbar, Neelam, Sultan and Sargodha 2002. Sargodha 2002, a variety developed by fodder research institute Sargodha, gives more production and remains green for longer period, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department Multan here Friday. The plant of this variety is taller than other varieties and develops bigger leaf size, say experts.

who advocate that fertile land be ploughed three to four times and then animal waste fertilizer be applied at the rate of three to four trollies per acre that needs to be mixed with the soil through ploughing. Around 40-50 kilogram per acre seed,treated with anti-fungus pesticides,be utilized for sowing which must be completed through drill when the land is wet. Plant rows be separated by one feet distance and upto one bag of Urea per acre be applied when plant height reaches 18 to 24 inch.