The journey from lower class to billionaire class is the most difficult journey in the world if it is not done by using illegal means but some people make it easy by their confidence and great determination. Shahid Khan is one of those, the business tycoon who shocked the world last month when he bought the Fulham football club worth estimated between £ 150 – 200 million. Shahid Khan is a Pakistan-born American business man who belongs to a middle class family. In 1968, when he was only 16, he left for America with $ 500 in his pocket. He spent his first night in a $2/night room and worked as a dish washer. He graduated from University of Illinois while working in an automotive manufacturing company Flex-N-Gate. Today Shahid Khan owns an English soccer club Fulham, NFL’s (National Football League) Jacksonville Jaguars and one of the leading automotive manufacturing companies Flex-N-Gate and has a net worth $ 2.9 billion.

The main reason of discussing the profile of Shahid Khan is to giving hope and motivation to youngsters and teenagers of Pakistan that everything is achievable with determination and hard work and a strong will power. There are millions of youngsters who are just wasting their time and not applying their God gifted talents to gain success. They should not waste their time in wrong pursuits but should use their talents for the sake of their futures and prosperity of our country.


Karachi, July 30.