PESHAWAR - Parents of the graduates of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Kohat campus demanded the government  save future of their children by awarding them degrees as per their courses they were taught.

Addressing a news conference on Friday here at the Peshawar Press Club, a group of affected graduates' parents led by Afrasiyab Afridi informed that their children had been taken their B-Tech examinations about six months earlier in January but the administration of UET Kohat campus were now using delaying tactics to award them degrees. He said that their children neither can apply to any job nor can take admission in other educational institutions due to not having degrees.

Despite meeting the criteria, he lamented that their children were deprived of laptop scheme due to absence of degrees.

Flanked by Ghulam Sarwar, Shabir Ahmad, Azad Khan and Waqar Ahmad along-with their affected children, the protesting parents informed that the UET administration in 2011 formally started Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE) Department in its Kohat campus, where 132 students were not only given admission in ECE, rather taught relevant courses as well.

The accreditation Committee of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) had also declared the standard of Electrical Engineering courses upto the mark, they informed.

Afridi further said that it was quite injustice with the students and their parents, and also shows incompetence of the administration to award the graduates with degrees of Telecom and Computer Engineering degrees instead of Electrical (Communication) Engineering.  He also criticised the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who is the chancellor of all public sector universities, for not healing the problems of students and merely enjoying the luxuries of Governor House.

The parents of the affected graduates appealed chief minister KPK to take notice of the issue and save the precious time of more than one hundred graduates, otherwise, threatened to launch a protest demonstration and for which the government will be responsible.

Food packages for Lakki  poors

Alkhidmat foundation, a humanitarian organisation of Jamat-e-Islami distributed food packages among the poor at a function on Friday.

The function was attended among others by local leaders of JI and office-bearers of the foundation. Speaking on the occasion AKF district president Abdul Ghaffar Faryadi and secretary general Liaqat Ali Sayyam said that the humanitarian body also hosted Iftar dinners in the far-flung rural localities of the district for poor and destitute people of the society.

They told that food items were provided to the stranded people who could not continue their journey due to closure of Indus Highway after DI Khan jailbreak incident. They said that poor segments of society needed our help and philanthropists should come forward to financially assist them. They called upon the government to control inflation and dearness so that people living under poverty line could make their both ends meet.