CALIFORNIA - DM  - Sparring with each other on their hind legs, these two wild horses squared up hoof-to-hoof.

The incredible boxing stallions pulled no punches as they tried to display their dominance over each other in the herd.

Wildlife photographer Richard Ligon captured the fierce scuffle at California’s Yosemite National Park. Hundreds of wild horses roam the plains and during mating season each male battles it out for dominance in order to secure the best mare - after this epic fight the winner had to square off against several other competitors. Richard, who has been observing the powerful punch-offs, took the chance to capture the fight shortly before thunderstorms swept through the valley.  Photographer Richard, 48, said: ‘After discovering about the horses from a local resident during a trip last spring, I went looking for them to photograph, learn, and experience these magnificent creatures.